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Are DV frames adjustable?

All District Vision frames features an adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and adjustable temple tips with a titanium core. You can bend and flex these components to find an optimal fit.

What are the benefits of D+ technology?

D+ lens technology is constructed from a proprietary form of polycarbonate, which is shatterproof. The lens interior features an anti-reflective application for holistic eye protection. The lens is finished with our oleophobic treatment making it water and oil repellent.

D+ Sports Yellow lens is a shatterproof polycarbonate lens with high light transmission. It is engineered to render the environment brighter, suitable for low light conditions. Best for sunset and sunrise runs.

D+ Black Rose lens is an advanced sports lens engineered for trail running and physical pursuits that involve changing light conditions. The lens has a variable light transmission allowing 15.6% to 35.15% of light through. This enhances visibility in a variety of performance conditions.

D+ Sky G15 lens technology was tested by our runners and made in Japan. The District Sky G15 lens provides maximum sun protection and allows 11.57% light transmission.

D+ Water Gray lens is a polarized lens developed for physical pursuits around water. The lens blocks all reflected light in addition to direct intense sun rays. Athletes often forget sunglasses are a medical device. Our eyes contain low levels of melanin. This means each time we expose them to sunlight they become more sensitive.

D+ Mirror lenses were developed for physical pursuits requiring maximum sun protection. The mirror coating facilitates additional infrared screening. The lens offers 100% UVA/B protection and transmits 9.7% of blue light. Unlike our skin, our eyes do not contain melanin. This means each time we expose them to sunlight they become more sensitive.

D+ Calm–Tech is the world’s first porous lens that absorbs moisture, including fog and light rain droplets, to enhance visual clarity in challenging performance conditions. This proprietary polarized anti-fog lens was developed in Japan and tested with our team of athletes across the country over a period of two years. The technology is designed to reduce eye strain and contribute to a calmer training or race experience.

Why D+ verses Photochromic?

Photochromic lenses are a particular lens technology that adjusts relative to the surrounding light conditions. The issue with Photochromic lenses, unlike our D+ Black Rose lenses, is they do not adjust immediately to the surrounding light conditions. It may take up to two minutes for the lenses to fully adjust. Also, Photochromic lenses may not darken inside of a vehicle with U.V. blocking glass.

Do your garments run true to size?

Explore comfortably knowing District Vision apparel runs true to size with an athletic fit. If you have any concerns or questions regarding product fit, please feel free to contact us at

Can I put prescription in your frames?

It’s not a service we offer ourselves. However, all frames apart from Nagata, Junya and Koharu can take an RX lens so you are  welcome to work with your local optician. We’d just recommend a PC lens with Oleo / AR coating as a minimum.

Can I buy the frames without lenses?

We do not sell our frames without lenses.

Can I buy lenses without frames?

We do not sell our lenses without frames.

Are the lenses interchangeable?

This is not a service we provide but if you would like to change lenses we suggest working with your local optician

How do I clean the Calm–Tech lenses?

To reduce the friction when cleaning the lenses, you should rinse the lenses with water and ideally shake dry. If the lens had a smear gently use a wet microfiber cloth. It’s important to not use a dry cloth as this can mark the lens. Following this, air dry the lens.