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Trenton Running Cap

Trenton Running Cap.

Made in China.

The Trenton Cap is constructed from featherweight honeycomb mesh and sports a 3-inch brim, providing ample shade in sunny conditions. An internal browband adds structure and wicks moisture, and a lightweight shock cord loop is paired with a quick-release sports clasp to provide quick adjustability.

Zen Slow Cap

Zen Slow Cap.

Made in USA.

The Zen slow cap is made for daily life and features hand embroidery on the front and side. It is handmade in California, USA for mindful moments in any given situation.

Buji Slow Socks

Buji Slow Socks.

Made in China.

The Buji slow socks were developed to complement relaxed activities and mindful movement with a touch of coziness. Constructed from a poly-cotton blend and utilizing structured cushioning underfoot, the Buji feature contrast striping and our trademark logo by Filip Pagowski.

Pilvi Yoga Block

Pilvi Yoga Block.

Made in USA.

The Pilvi yoga block was developed to complement mindful movement practices. Solidly constructed from marine-grade maple plywood by our friends in Paradise, California, the Pilvi features superbly clean edges, a laser-engraved logo, and can double as a bookend or plinth.

Singing Bowl Set

Singing Bowl Set.

Made in USA.

The Singing Bowl set continues our journey in creating practical tools to assist in guided meditation. The set consists of an old-fashioned, hand-hammered, fair trade Thadobati Bowl from Tibet with lathe-turned mallet, ring pillow and hand-thrown stoneware incense holder, bundled with incense and artisanal soap.