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Introduction to Meditation


In the same way we train our bodies through strength and endurance work we can train our minds by learning to pay attention to whatever happens to us in the present moment.

We typically start off by focusing on one object of awareness, such as the breath or other sensations in the body. This is an effective tool for calming the mind and reaping the therapeutic benefits that have been widely studied in science over the last couple of decades.

As we deepen the exploration we find that we can open our awareness to anything that arises within consciousness: pain, emotions, thoughts, and even awareness itself. There truly are no limits to the practice and this is the real game changer. We develop an entirely different lens through which we see the world and investigate our reality every day.

Please join us in this simple and accessible introductory course to the groundbreaking journey of mindfulness, your own personal laboratory for the exploration of consciousness.

Course Structure

1. Welcome - 02:24
2. Learning to feel - 04:32
3. What is pain - 05:59
4. For bad meditators - 05:56
5. Difficult emotions - 05:54
6. Run in love - 05:52